Energy security in European-Turkish relation

Energy security in European-Turkish relation


  • زياد عوض سورية


Energy security, Turkey, Europe, European Turkish relations


It can be emphasized that the European-Turkish relations have been greatly affected by the energy security and the economic and political needs of both parties.  This imposed a new phase on the two parties called rapprochement and partnership, and the merger may be in the coming years.  In this context, Turkey is the main driver and the most important reason for the development of these relations.  Especially as it directly supervises the oil and gas pipelines that pass through its territory towards the European Union.  There is no doubt that the Turkish geostrategic position allowed it to exercise the role of supervisor and controller of energy supplies towards the world in general and Europe in particular.  Europe's need for energy has made Turkey a strategic partner that cannot be abandoned in the present and future stage.  Therefore, it can be said that energy security is the most important and prominent determinant in European-Turkish relations.  Energy security, with its variables, evolution and necessity, may be the most important factor or reason for accepting membership in the European Union.