The Political Impact of Russia's Military Role in Syria after 2015 on its International Standing

The Political Impact of Russia's Military Role in Syria after 2015 on its International Standing


  • علي عمران جامعة دمشق


The political Impact, Geopolitical Importance, Syria, Russia, International System, Military Role, International Standing.


National interest is a fundamental determinant of the relations among states and non-state actors, which is represented in achieving national security of the states, and ensuring security; stability of citizen’ lives, and the high standard of life. Moreover, the states' foreign policies, tend to achieve important standing within the world politic, where these states consider that intervention into the other states' affairs and the thorny issues, as a means to achieve that desired position, where the extend of this intervention varies due to the importance of the national interest which is achieved through. For example: Russia's military role in Syria after 2015, which aims, according to offensive realism, at achieving an important international standing for Russia, based on the regional position which was gained in the geopolitical region. Consequently, it can achieve its national security, ensure the stability of its internal security and economic status, as well as improving the productive and living level that the country plagued since the early years of USSR collapse.

The accelerating deterioration in security and economy led to the decline of Russia's role in international arena. Therefore, it sought through its military role in Syria to break restrictions that prevented interaction between Russia and Middle East, especially the Arab countries, and Syria was the first step to restore relations with the former allies of USSR, and this what happened indeed after the military and political success that Russia achieved in Syria and its regional surroundings, which reflected positively on its role as a major power in the Middle East. Moreover, it contributed to achieving international position for Russia on the political level.