The role of neoconservatives in influencing George W. Bush's policy in the service of the Israeli entity

The role of neoconservatives in influencing George W. Bush's policy in the service of the Israeli entity


  • feras takki eddin جامعة دمشق


The Neocons, The New Middle East, The Constructive Chaos, The Christian Zionism.


The policy pursued by George W. Bush, to change the structure of Middle East (in the Service of the Israeli entity) ، has been the focus of attention of many researchers, to analyze its motives, the desired goals, and the factors influencing the direction of that policy, the most important of which is the influence of the neo-conservatives.

This study began with an introduction to the neo-conservatives and their imperial project to highlight America’s strength, impose its hegemony, and make radical changes in the world, and in the Middle East in particular, by virtue of their hatred of Arabs and Muslims and their absolute loyalty to Israel.

The research dealt with a definition of the life of Georg W. Bush, and his journey to religious commitment, and the nature of the Christian Zionist faith that he embraces, and in which he shares the same goals with the neoconservatives in serving the interests of Israel.

The support of the neoconservatives for George W. Bush, in his elections, his accession to the presidency, and their assumption of the most important sensitive positions in his administration was a golden opportunity for them to implement their agenda that they had planned and promoted for many years.

 The neo-conservatives hastened to implement their agenda immediately after the events of September 11 (which their most prominent members had previously heralded), then the executive steps for their plans began, including the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the launch of the two projects: the new Middle East, and the constructive chaos(that the countries of the region that are hostile to Israel are still experiencing political, economic, social, and divisive repercussions, until the date of writing this research.