Publishing Rules

publishing terms and conditions in the Journal of Syrian International Academy for Studies

 The research topic should be original, and adhere to the rules of scientific research and scientific honesty.

 The research submitted to the journal should not have been previously published, or under publication and arbitration in another journal.

The methodological framework of the research consists of (the importance of the research, a research problem and a main question, the hypotheses of the study, the objectives of the study, and the approach followed) in order.

 Fill out the form for submitting the research, which is available on the official journal page.

 Research is published in both Arabic and English.

 The number of search words ranges between 3500-4000 words.

 The title of the research should be written in both languages (Arabic and English), and the research should include a summary(200 word) in both Arabic and English with keywords.

 Write on the first page of the research or article: the name and title of the researcher, his academic degree, and the institution to which he is affiliated.

 The research is sent after matching the required technical conditions in word format.

Adherence to the following technical conditions:

Font type for research written in Arabic, Traditional Arabic, Times new Roman12 for research written in English.

Font size: 16 bold for main titles, 14 bold for subheadings, 14 bold for the body, 11 bold for tables and figures, of any.

set 2.5 margins on all sides..

Line spacing is significant 1.15.